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Twitter Stories

Everyone is doing it!

Twitter stories, one line stories or entire stories by twitter, you think of it, someone is doing it!

In my own attempt to keep up with the Jones's, I wrote a twitter story based on a Writers Digest prompt. The resulting #alphabetstory written and published on 26 consecutive days from June 12 to July 7 2014 on Twitter, is repeated in its full 'glory' below, along with a few alternative endings I thought of! Enjoy! As always, comments welcome...

#alphabetstory 2014

A is for....

 @WritersDigest #alphabetstory kept me awake and then sent me to sleep, #Wordplay prompt #44: A is for Adele stormed through the swing doors 

 @WritersDigest #alphabetstory #Wordplay B: Barging into the room, ignoring the No Entry sign, she looked for a victim. 'You!' she said. 

 @WritersDigest #alphabetstory #Wordplay C: Conveniently, the delivery buzzer sounded, breaking the silence that had accompanied her outburst

@WritersDigest #alphabetstory #Wordplay D: "Did anyone see her again after that?" asked Sheriff Hal, frowning as the chef shook his head no. 

@WritersDigest #alphabetstory #Wordplay E: Evidently someone did, thought Hal, otherwise we wouldn't be here now, without a single lead... 

@WritersDigest #alphabetstory #Wordplay F: "Frankly, I'm starting to think it's a cover-up" he muttered to his deputy as the chef departed. 

G: Going into the kitchen from the requisitioned managers office, Hal paced the crime scene. @WritersDigest #alphabetstory #Wordplay.


H: Her head was against the oven and feet here near the sink, Hal waved his arms. Who was here last? @WritersDigest #alphabetstory #Wordplay 

I: Ian, the busboy was signing off a delivery but he had to run and left early, said the Deputy, she was still here @WritersDigest #alphabetstory 

J: 'Just what happened after that. She had threatened the chef - with what I wonder. Any background on him yet?' Hal asked. #alphabetstory 

K: "Keep trying", Hal bit back his annoyance, when the Deputy shook his head, "We need a break in this case". @WritersDigest #alphabetstory 

​​L: Later that day the Deputy burst through the swing doors of the kitchen. "Forensics found something.!". @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

M: "Mostly..argh!hh", Hal looked up to see the Deputy slide across the floor and fall on his derriere! @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

N: 'Nuts!" the deputy exclaimed. before continuing, "Adele had traces of cooked carrot on her left shoe" @WritersDigest #alphabetstory 

O: "Oh?", Hal asked "did the delivery include carrots?" "Yeah" the deputy grinned. Things were looking up! @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

P: "Perhaps our busboy needs to come back in for questioning?". The deputy grinned again and left to get him. @WritersDigest #alphabetstory 

Q: Quietly Hal watched the busboy through the two-way mirror. He didn't look like a killer, but then who did? @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

R: 'Right, lets recap, you saw Adele last around 6 when she entered the kitchen'. The boy nodded, 'Then what?' @WritersDigest #alphabetstory 

S: 'She shook me, then grabbed the chef, disappeared with him into the office, then there was shouting she was crazy' @WritersDigest #alphabetstory 

T: 'Tell me, did you come back after that?' Hal asked. 'Yeah, I did' the busboy hung his head, looking unhappy. @WritersDigest #alphabetstory 

U: 'Understand that you are under caution', the busboy looked up startled at this,'I didn't do anything'
@WritersDigest #alphabetstory

V: 'Very well, then tell me what happened', Hal said impatiently. The busboy blurted out 'She was already dead!' @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

​W: 'Why didnt you tell us this earlier, are we supposed to believe you now, when you are in up to your neck?'
@WritersDigest #alphabetstory

X: 'Xerox his statement will you', Hal snapped at the deputy, he was not happy. 'What do we have, give me a recap' @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

Y: 'Young woman, hot tempered, carrot on left shoe, busboy confimed time of death, no suspect. @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

​Z: Zipping into the kitchen, Hal slipped and fell, narrowly missing the cooker himself. Epiphany! Case closed! @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

Alternative Endings:

​Z: Zipping into the kitchen, Hal slipped and fell, hitting the cooker himself. Epiphany as the world went dark! @WritersDigest #alphabetstory

Z: Zipping into the kitchen, Hal slipped and fell, seeing a new clue. More carrot, and a rabbit print. The Disney ending. @WritersDigest #alphabetstory