Here are my entries in last years NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2014:

NYC Midnight run some really good writing competitions... if like me you have writing ambitions, the fantastic community involved there provide terrific support and feedback.  Check them out at:

Whenever a great writer is asked what advice they would give to a writer just starting out, the answer invariably seems to be practice, practice, practice... and quite rightly so... It is my hope that as I practice, you will see improvement here over time... 

Liza Rose

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Challenge Liza! A great writing exercise is to continue where someone else left off....

Below are the responses to each of the Challenge Liza! entries that won.

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01/06/2014: Minigrandmas challenge was:

"100 words on the trials of travelling in Downtown Toronto during construction!"

Frank leaned on the horn. The guy with the sign was ignoring him… again...

 This was the third time he had been sitting over 20 minutes at York and Queens Quay. Patience, Frank told himself, patience. He knew from painful experience that overreacting would get him into trouble. He winced as he recalled the incident 10 years ago. That time, he had overtaken a waiting car and driven headlong into a backhoe. He was lucky, he got away with concussion and wrist strain, but his beloved Jess had paid the price with his life.
100 words is not so very many to do a story justice. This time, I came in just under, at 94! 

Maybe not what you were looking for in a construction story Minigrandma! - I have seen a lot of construction in Toronto, and congestion is just crazy. There a lots of story opportunities, irrate taxi drivers, pedestrian and cyclist woes, a thought piece on how it is organised, or a piece praising the workmen's fortitude in all weathers. I ended up with accident waiting to happen....

25/05/2014: E. Alderson sent in:

Sarah read the post on Yammer.... everyone in the company had seen it!

Write 50 words on "what will Sarah do next"​​

Sarah read the post on Yammer.... everyone in the company had seen it!

Gemma ran over, "You’re going to say yes aren’t you?" He would see it, Sarah thought. How could David do this? She had told him this was nothing serious. That was the way she preferred it. Now there was pressure to say yes from everyone, except him, he would not say anything. For those not in the know, Yammer is a social media platform for intra-company discussions. Like a private facebook just for your work colleagues.  I imagined two possible scenarios – one that Sarah had been offered a promotion, in public, while her partner, who also worked at the company was not in favour of her spending more time at the office….and the second, that Sarah had an open relationship with more than one of her colleagues, and it just  landed her in hot water when one of them proposed… as you might be able to tell from the “this was nothing serious”, the second scenario won out – I went for sordid office scandal as it seemed there might be more of a story in that!