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Write a poem containing the words biscuit, chifforobe, curtain, zenith, Mylar and kangaroo

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Last weeks challenge:

100 words on "Cats in Space"


Hmmm, the Muppets "Pigs in Space" sprang to mind initially, along with many scenarios involving lots of gravity... but the final result, coming in at a ghastly overcount of 136 words is as follows.... ____________________________________________________________________________ 
Jeff floated by. He twisted expertly and latched onto a rung of the ladder that passed into the control-room from the habitat-ring. ‘You seen Jay?’ ‘No’, Sam replied, ‘but she might be in the agripod.’ The agripod had the closest environment to earth norm. Jay preferred it, which was useful, since she spent 90% of her time there. Without her ministrations the whole ecosystem in the station would breakdown. Everything relied on the plants which provided food, fuel and breathable air. Jeff swung around and headed upwards, hand over hand in an easy manner that hinted at his spacer heritage. As he entered the agripod, Jay floated into view, legs splayed as usual, looking relaxed. ‘Hey, you missed one!’, Jeff took something out of his pocket. The cat swam languorously towards him and claimed her mouse.
​ _________________________________________________________________
As I said previously 100 words is not so very many to do a story justice. Perhaps though that practice will make perfect! 

Many thanks to Delenn for the stretching idea, one rain check coming your way!

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