I have been writing all my life. When I was in sixth grade, my English teacher told me I would not do well if I did not learn grammar. The previous teacher had been all about expression and forget the grammar.

I'm grateful to both of them, for the love of the written word, for making Shakespeare interesting, for correcting my grammar and for helping to start me on my quest to find my inner voice.

By day, an engineer, by night I am a secret writer, although I do allow my personas to mix when providing articles for the company newsletter!

Mother of a child with ADHD/ASD, life is a wonderful and hectic whorl of fun, frolics and shenanigans!

When not writing novels or journals I partake of flash fiction competitions. While never winning, I can see the improvement and some have scored well!


I like to drop a word or two in a journal when I am on the road. 

If you would like to know more about my work, drop me a note!

​​Writer, Mother, Engineer, though not necessarily in that order!

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